Monday, 28 January 2013

Thera'Py: a MiniGame under the Deadline

Thera'Py: with Eliza Py

Eliza Py will help you with your problems. She will ask you questions, you type in your response, then she answers you back.

I threatened to do it and I did it. I took the Eliza code an put it in Ren'Py. (ref: If you must blame someone, blame the guys over at the PyBrain Thread on Lemmasoft
DISCLAIMER:  This is a TOY.  It is not meant to be realistic (or therapeutic) in any way. 


The all in one version can be found here: 25.4 MB (Windows, Mac, Linux)


Sunday, 27 January 2013

New Experimental Game

An article by Aaron Reed (Author of Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7) wrote a cool game called Almost Goodbye. Go pllay it.  Right now.  I'll wait.

<<Insert music here>>

Did you play the game?  It uses an interesting mechanic for creating content based on variables.

Anyway, it inspired me to start creating a game that uses a similar story framework (More things to do than there is time for.)  The project is currently named "Ghost Day".  You are an eight to ten year old that thinks they saw a  ghost in their room.  You go through the day investigating it.  Was the ghost real? Or just your imagination?

My son has created four variations of a piece of music for it.  I made a bunch of 3D rooms and FotoSketched them.

Can I get it out before January 31 to qualify for OneGameAMonth????


Saturday, 5 January 2013

More Playing with Images

Look at me playing with Vue and Animated Gifs.

Characters from Manga Clip Art